Who I am

My work includes wedding photography and music photography.

I live in a nice house near Rome, where I was born in 1967, with my family – an extraordinary woman who’s still by my side after more than 30 years (we were kids), and two children I am proud of. I spend most of my spare time with Dustin, the world’s most beautiful Golden Retriever.

Music has been a constant part of my life – first as a musician and now as a photographer. I have portrayed major international stars, I have designed album covers for very important artists, and my photos have been published in leading national and international magazines. Do you wish to have a look at this part of my work?


Luigi Orru

Luigi Orru

It took me ages to find the man I was, to identify the man who was bending over me. Right after that, to understand who I really was, all I had to do was get rid of the burden of things that were oppressing me, and get round all those safe havens that society forces us into but which were suffocating me.

So in 2007 I left my secure job to devote myself entirely to photography – a former lover, seduced and abandoned, which found its very personal way to get the better of anything else, holding me prisoner among the scents and steel of Paris before taking me back home.

That very choice became the story of my life. I loved it. I was carried away. And it worked, too. Yet when my wish to improve, or maybe to be recognised, led me to attempt portfolio readings – with disastrous results – I realised there was much more to photography than I had ever imagined or achieved. I was stammering. Photographically speaking, I was stammering. And so I resumed walking, firmly believing that my time should be devoted to self-improvement; I put myself in the hands of the best, studied hard, and was prepared to see the works I was submitting destroyed in order to try and be truly a photographer, annoyed as I was by the feeling of having tried to travel around on a fake passport.

This is how I created myself, or at least that part of me that has come to light today; at the same time, I’ve finally understood what photography is to me: a place to enter, where to wander and recharge my energy; and then exit, the world often looking different from what it really is. I’m aware life is a sequence of phases which merge and follow one another like swash and backwash at sea. There – that’s how I live, how I shoot, how I relate to the world.