The most important day of your life

In my wedding photos there is all of myself, because there is nothing I can do but be there 100%. And to be a wedding photographer Rome is fantastic, believe me. My photography features a minimal, clear, elegant style, producing signature photos that blend emotions and moments into the search for aesthetic and formal beauty, with no need for exaggerated or unrealistic poses.

I see images as the many bricks making up a story, a series of minor moments that capture the sincerity and pure emotion of a wedding day. All you’ll find in my work is silent interactions, stolen glances, laughter or tears, taken with the subjects not even realising they are being photographed. As I tell my clients, what I really want, when they see their photos, is them to see what they truly were on that day.

I love taking wedding photos, because they capture unique, unforgettable moments in the spouses’ lives, loaded with feelings that can only be seen and experienced again through the photographs. It is a real privilege to create images that families will treasure all their lives. A chapter of their story.

I want to create photos that really matter. To you.

The photographic service includes

My personal presence as well as that of another professional photographer who will take photos from a second perspective

My personal presence for the entire day, from the dressing stage right up to the end of the event, when there is nothing else to recount

The post-production processing of all the photos, which will be delivered in a high-resolution format

A box with a USB memory stick containing all the photos taken + the 200/300 best photos both post-produced and delivered in a high-resolution format

Useful advice and original ideas that I will give you during our appointment, in order to get the most out of your wedding day

Possible options:
Video • Hourly rates • Second/third photographer (where this is not included) • A photo booth.

Discover additional options and services

The wedding photo album

The wedding photo album is a special product; it is the icing on your wedding cake. You don’t have to order it, I allow my clients to freely choose whether to order it or not; however, if you wish to enhance the value of your photos and you would like to keep a vivid, tangible memory of your special day, I advise you to have one created; whether it be in a digital or a traditional form (the one with photos printed and glued inside), the choice is up to you. The albums that I propose are definitely not conventional photo albums, I would be offering you a true and proper Photo-book, prepared and edited with extreme care, professionalism and originality, as this must be a volume that narrates your love story. This will be a wedding photo album with a touch of class, as top quality photos must be printed on the best paper and multi-media aids at our disposal. My trustworthy supplier is Graphistudio, a world leader within the top quality professional digital printing sector.

Luigi Orru, wedding photographer in Rome answers to your questions