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So many weddings in Italy and abroad.

Just like every year, during these days of well-deserved rest, sitting at my desk I make an assessment of this year about to end.

I look back with big emotion at the pictures of the stories I told. I think of all the people who gave me this enormous privilege, taking good care of the memories of every single moment I pressed that button on my beloved camera, the reason why I clicked, and I feel emotions running through my veins again.

I relive the places, halfway around Italy and Europe, with different languages, different traditions and ways to commit to a life together.

I also think that this is why I have done it. Emotions. Feelings floating through the air, in the couples’ looks, in relatives’ eyes or in the little friends I often found in the houses I have been welcomed and hosted as a good old friend.

It is wonderful.

I feel shivers inside, hoping I have been as meaningful for them as they have been for me.

This is not a common “job”. It is a vortex in which you fall inside, a challenge that every time seems different, as different are the people I met and the situations I faced.

However, everything had a common root: harmony.

That same harmony which made us meet each other and share unique, important, eternal moments. This does not happen by chance.

To me, the ones who gave me this honor (I repeat it since I do not know how to define it otherwise), are truly important. You offered me your intimacy and feelings, you opened your houses and welcomed me in your families, and you shared one of the most important days of your lives with me.

I really do not know how to thank you enough.

Looking at the pictures, I cannot properly choose. Here I made a brief (?) selection, but I am sure that if I try again in a couple of minutes, it would be different. Rome wedding photography, or in Italy, is always a great idea,

All I can say is that I love you, heart in hand.

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