Telling your fairy tale in the green heart of Italy!

      Wedding photographer Umbria – This is something I always try to tell myself going into a new wedding, connecting with people I have never met.

      This is the story of an elopement in Rome and a wedding in Umbria, in just 2 days.

      Ben & Kendra from USA, what a nice couple. I met them for the first time, very early in a sunny sunday morning in Rome, just to catch the best light and the best places in Rome with nobody around.

      They really followed me with my crazy ideas, always with a smile..

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      The day after, we went to the fantastic Castello Borgia managed by Julie, beautiful and professional wedding planner of  Wedding Italy I do. I love to work with her.

      Wedding in Umbria, close to lake Trasimeno, in such a beautiful location. A dream.

      A family, good friends.

      The friendliness and affection they showed everyone came from the deepest of hearts and I hope I managed to capture that

      It’s fantastic to be a wedding photographer Umbria, a perfect place to get married